• QVCA – The 4 Elements of Successful Social Media and Email Marketing

    QVCA stands for, Quality, Value, Consistency, and Authenticity. When you go to post your next social media post or send the next email for your business, ask yourself: Q – Quality – Is this a quality post or email? People expect quality and your content lives for years online. V – Value – Does the […]

  • What is a Shareasale Datafeed and How Does it Work?

    As an IT and marketing guy I’m often asked to setup new software or help integrate one system with another. This post is about Shareasale datafeeds: what they are and how they are used – from an IT point of view. If you still need professional help, there is a link at the bottom. Summary: […]

  • How to Write Blog Posts Like General Motors Makes Cars

    General Motors pushes a new car off of their assembly line once every minute, but it takes 2 months in total to make a car. How is that possible and how does that apply to writing blog posts? To use another example, the online retailer, The Grommet, launches a new product every day, but it takes […]