• How to Set Up Covey Planner in Evernote

    How to setup Covey Daily Planner in Evernote? https://www.erichstauffer.com/management/how-i-use-evernote

  • The 5% Rule

    How small shifts lead to big changes I first discovered this effect in March of 2014 when I read the Edison Energy paper on solar energy adoption. They determined that even a 5% adoption of solar energy would be enough to “tip the scales irreversibly”. This is when I coined the term, “The 5% Rule”, […]

  • The Fragility of Information

    How stable is the state of information storage on the planet today? How much do you know about the life of your great grandfather? How much of your own past would you remember if you lost all access to your personal data? And how likely is it that all of the world’s information could be […]