• Breakfast Club Me

    How my goals for the year and what I had been practicing helped me make videos for BCM. How society was changing and nudging me along: How McDonalds came all day breakfast Tshirt business post I wrote in march and how BCM had a t-shirt as it’s first product Lays biscuit and gravy chips was […]

  • All of Your Ideas are Wrong

    From https://www.erichstauffer.com/entrepreneurship/600-hours-of-business-podcasts#comment-38876 Joshua says: February 12, 2014 at 3:53 pm (Edit) I’d like to see a post about ‘All of your ideas are wrong.’ I think I’m taking it the right way, but I’d like to be sure. For reference, I take this to mean that problems are best solved in non-obvious ways. At the […]

  • Remembering Sycamore Creative

    Modern Designed Bible Prints from Jason Cobb and Justin Bessinger Sycamore Creative Bible Prints was a company that produced Bible verse poster prints that gave us a better view of Christ (like the Sycamore tree of Luke 19) and foster a “Deuteronomy 6” lifestyle — where Scripture is fully integrated into the believer’s, schedule, conversation, […]