Why I Excel in the Role of Product Manager

I am excited about innovation, efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and delivering exceptional user experiences. With over 15 years of professional experience in product management, project leadership, and fostering innovation, I am eager to bring my strategic thinking, leadership abilities, and passion for innovation to your team. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to lead cross-functional teams, develop customer-centric products, and drive business growth.

In my most recent role as a Go-to-Market Product Manager at Blue Acorn iCi, I collaborated with diverse teams to bring new products and services to market. I am proud to have played a pivotal role in adding significant revenue and improving the performance of e-commerce sites. My ability to navigate complex problems, propose innovative solutions, and guide cross-functional teams has allowed me to consistently deliver results.

My experience as an IT & Marketing Product Manager at Skinny & Co. honed my skills in developing product strategies aligned with market demands. I successfully launched new product lines, optimized e-commerce platforms, and implemented content marketing strategies that led to customer growth. These experiences have equipped me with a strong understanding of customer needs and market trends.

Additionally, my time at Marine Credit Union and GoServicePro has provided me with insights into business analysis, technical project management, and fostering collaboration among diverse teams. My proficiency in various technical tools, coupled with my strong analytical and problem-solving skills, will allow me to effectively contribute to your company’s endeavors.

Software or new features I have helped build as a product manager and how many customers it serves

At Blue Acorn iCi (BAiCi), one of our large, dog treat clients wanted a new, direct-to-consumer site built with a product recommendation quiz that would allow people to enter information about their dog and it would recommend a treat. Working with the development team, the client, and the client’s vendors, I worked to create and build a solution that met the client’s specifications. It involved custom code and metafields within Shopify; the Bold Subscription app; and integrations with Salsify. Because of the name brand of the site, it gets thousands of visitors to it a month.

Another BAiCi example is a flash sale site that needed to be both “open” and “closed” at the same time depending on how someone accessed the site. Working with the developer, we came up with a method that uses a landing page to store a cookie that when present, chooses a different theme experience for the user. Absent that cookie the site appears to be closed, but with the cookie the site appears open. This served tens of thousands of visitors a month.

At Skinny & Co. I worked with Fedex to develop a new 3PL order management interface that allowed us to send them our orders for fulfillment. I was able to do this because when they were first getting into the 3PL space, we were their first customer. I worked with the UX designer at FedEx and the people working in the warehouse to optimize the system (Manhattan). This system is now in use with all of their other FedEx Fulfillment customers.

Additionally at Skinny & Co., I helped a company design custom middleware between Fishbowl Inventory (on premise software) and our web-based order management software, Brandwise, which allowed the elimination of a whole FTE. This was later replaced by Synqware.

At Marine Credit Union I was the product manager for checking accounts, which included online banking, the mobile app, ACH, and debit cards. I also was responsible for the company’s CRM system. I  helped get a module built for our core processing software that automated business rules for ACH transactions, eliminating all but the outliers, which saved the ACH department 10s of hours a week. I also launched a new overdraft protection software to increase revenue and decrease risk and I added the ability for loan borrowers to make one-time loan payments online and by phone (prior to that they could only pay via mail or in branch). And in addition to working with data analysts to create many different, new reports, I also created a system to automatically email branch, regional, and district managers in escalation when issues were not resolved in a timely manner. This automation saved hours of manual intervention. And finally, I created a system that linked check images from the item processing system into the core software, making it easy for employees to look up check images (rather than doing manual searches).

New functionality release schedule to customers (and which development methodology I follow (agile, scrum, kanban, etc.)

At Blue Acorn iCi, Skinny & Co., and Marine Credit Union, we followed 2 week sprints with releases about every 2 sprints. These releases were accompanied by detailed documentation and at Skinny & Co. and Marine Credit Union, also had to go through a change control process. Blue Acorn iCi used a customer demo approach to explaining the changes to the client.

All 3 places used Agile methodologies with the goal of delivering value in each sprint, however at Blue Acorn iCi, waterfall was also used at the beginning of a project and at Marine Credit Union (and at GoServicePro), the work was worked in a kanban style rather than scrum.

My most recent major product release, the new functionality that was delivered, and my role in the launch 

My most recent major product release was the creation of the new, Go-to-Market Team at Blue Acorn, which involved creating a business case, forming job descriptions, creating a RACI diagram, and creating processes. One of the features of the new department was an online form that allowed new ideas to be submitted from inside the company and the corresponding review process and reward system that went along with it. I helped create slides for the launch at our company meeting, but my peer is the one who ultimately gave the presentation.

My experience working directly with customers and my reasons for considering a consultative and customer-facing role

At Blue Acorn iCi, I regularly worked directly with clients and I loved it. While it can be challenging at times, the filter-free access adds both added responsibility and clarity. I also worked directly with clients at GoServicePro.