• Launch Sequences for New Products Using Email Marketing and Live Events

    “Launch sequences” is a marketing term for the process of building anticipation and a sense of urgency to buy a new product rather than simply ‘announcing the product’ once. Imagine you’ve just created a new product and you’re getting ready to let the world know about it. Instead of adding it to your website and […]

  • What is the One Weird Trick to Increase Online Sales?

    If you already have an audience (i.e. a large following on social media and/or an email list), but you’re struggling to increase online sales, consider taking your online marketing to the next level with Google Hangouts on Air with this one weird trick. What are Google Hangouts on Air? A “Google Hangout” is like a GotoMeeting: […]

  • Sales Insight from Google Analytics Service Providers

    Google Analytics’ Service Providers listing can give you insight into who is visiting your website each month. I was showing one of my client’s their web statistics for the month via Google Analytics and discovered that there was some useful information that I hadn’t been sharing before. When I showed them the Visitors section I […]