What is the One Weird Trick to Increase Online Sales?

If you already have an audience (i.e. a large following on social media and/or an email list), but you’re struggling to increase online sales, consider taking your online marketing to the next level with Google Hangouts on Air with this one weird trick.

What are Google Hangouts on Air?

A “Google Hangout” is like a GotoMeeting: it’s a live video stream of either a camera, a computer screen, or a mix of both. A Google Hangout “On Air” is public and is automatically recorded and saved as a YouTube video on your channel.

Why do a live event like a Google Hangout?

  • to build anticipation
  • personalize the brand
  • get the community involved
  • get more email addresses
  • sell more product
  • answer people’s questions
  • create evergreen content.

How will a Google Hangout on Air do that?

  • Anticipation: an email/social media post will be sent out letting people know a new live event is coming and to look for a special invite soon.
  • Personalize: the person/people on the broadcast will set the tone for the brand, add a face to the bottle, and help humanize the marketing.
  • Community: attendees will be able to ask questions, feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, and win prizes for coming.
  • Email Signups: in order to get invited to this very special live event, you have to give us your email address. Invite your friends! Free prizes!
  • Sell Product: at the end of the event, there will be a special offer good only for the attendees of this very special live event. Stay tuned!

What would the person say/do on a Hangout?

Teach something, Share something, Give something, Ask for something:

  • Teach: show how a product we sell solves a problem the audience has.
  • Share: give insight into something behind the scenes or upcoming that this audience is hearing before anyone else. Make them feel special.
  • Give: do the giveaway(s) for the night via a drawing or by answering a question.
  • Ask: ask the audience to buy a product for a very special price, good that day only, and only for that audience.

How would the Hangout work?

It’s simply a matter of sharing out a link to join the Hangout and then presenting via your web cam and/or sharing your screen. The important parts are a) showing a face and b) being authentic. If you want to get more advanced later, you can add external cameras and microphones.

How often should we do Hangouts?

At least once a month, if not once a week. Eventually they could be automated (recorded), but in the beginning they would all be live.

Optional community building tips:

1. Give your audience a name. Ex. Justin Bieber followers are called “Beliebers” and Lady Gaga calls her fans “LittleMonsters”.
2. Incentivize the audience to invite more people into the community.