Launch Sequences for New Products Using Email Marketing and Live Events

“Launch sequences” is a marketing term for the process of building anticipation and a sense of urgency to buy a new product rather than simply ‘announcing the product’ once.

Imagine you’ve just created a new product and you’re getting ready to let the world know about it. Instead of adding it to your website and sending out an email, you could:

  1. Start posting on social that there is a big announcement coming
  2. Have those interested in the big announcement sign-up to an email list
  3. Plan to have a webinar or Google Hangout event on launch day
  4. Send out the email letting them know of the launch event
  5. Have the event explaining the new product and give them a coupon that only works that day

Email service providers like Infusionsoft have “landing pages” that can be created specifically for creating an opt-in page for this purpose, but you can also make your own using WordPress and Mailchimp or use a service like LeadPages.

The key is to create a sequence that builds up anticipation to the announcement, drip out more information about the product over time, and then give a time-sensitive offer to close the deal. This gives you more time to convince and convert visitors into customers.