How to Make Money in 2015?

I used to think I knew how to make money. It was easy. I could get more whenever I needed it.

Now I don’t know.

I know more now than I ever have. I have more skills. I have more value for the world. But I’m not sure I can do it anymore.

It is much less likely that the world has changed, (but certainly it has). It is much more likely that I have changed.

How do I make money in 2015?

I have a day job. I’m a help desk analyst at a software company. I do online marketing to get product demos which when sold I have to implement and after they’re setup, I have to support them.

At nights and on the weekends I take care of my other clients. I create marketing plans, write blog posts, post to social media, give management advice, and act as a general counselor.

I make the least amount of money from online sales of my books on Amazon, from ads on my site, and through affiliate links. Full disclosure: I use affiliate links on this site. There, I said it.

How do I make more money in 2015?

No one is going to give me more money. I have to provide more value. I can do that by learning new skills, offering my skills to a wider audience, or creating more products that multiply my time.

One trap that’s easy to fall into is the belief that you will always be making more in the future than you are right now. I know I have thought that. But it’s not always the case. It’s not a guarantee.

The only way I’ve consistently made more money over time is to continue to diversify my income. I do that through a mix of traditional employment, consulting work, products, ads, and affiliate income.