My No-Code SaaS App: PrintMe

What is your no-code SaaS app idea?

Email me stuff you want archived (could be emails, pictures, or documents) and when your archive is ready to be printed (read: optimal page length reached), I’ll send you a Paypal link and have it shipped to your door. It will feature archive-rated, acid free, glossy paper and will be something you can put on your shelf as a paper-based archive for your most cherished emails (such as those from me or that first email between you and your spouse or child).

How does it work?

I get the emails and put the stuff in a book-making app. When the pages are full, I alert you that it’s ready to print, add a markup, get paid, and have it printed and shipped to you.

What are some reasons why it might not work?

People may be sensitive about sending their personal information to a person or service. Or the cost of markup may be higher than people are willing to spend for this “app”.

Is there anyone else doing this?

There is already apps that link to Facebook posts and Instagram pictures to allow those to be printed (they are consistent in size and shape, making it easier for apps to format). I also looked into Blog2Print and Blurb to print my blog.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I don’t have an easy way to take emails, blog posts, and Evernote notes and turn them into a printed, bound journal. In the past, I would keep paper journals. Now I keep that stuff digitally, but I still want to have a printed copy to put on my shelf to pass down to kids and protect from an electromagnetic pulse or some other catastrophic data loss or account lockout.

Who would use a service like this?

People born before 1990 who have children and a decent fear of loss of data coupled with a desire to leave a legacy (i.e. Scrapbookers, Baby book makers, Mothers, and Fathers).

Why are you doing this?

I’ve always wanted to be an archivist. You know this. But it’s also one of the 10 e-commerce ideas I had for 2015 (i.e. people are going to want to print more stuff to avoid The White Album Problem).