Breakfast Club Me

How my goals for the year and what I had been practicing helped me make videos for BCM.
How society was changing and nudging me along: How McDonalds came all day breakfast
Tshirt business post I wrote in march and how BCM had a t-shirt as it’s first product
Lays biscuit and gravy chips was a Noblesville Indiana winner
How I’m known as a Sandwich and breakfast guy around my friends and how it’s part of my personal brand
How I wrote that Everything I know about breakfast post
How I made Seektivity specifically to find biscuits and gravy
How I rank for the post, Does Hardee’s serve breakfast at night
How Skinny sells honey and coffee and how that business model is similar to
How I Bought mixedmade honey to try before starting BCM
How my Friend wanted to start a coffee subscription business but didn’t
How I started a raw materials company but didn’t do anything with it
Talk about why I bought a Biscuit logo to start and then made a yellow plate logo on Canva – why the change
30 days to first product launch – a ‘biscuits’ t-shirt
Creating gift boxes for Christmas – how it doubled as product development
Building out social media, email, and videos – how I was Instagram-first
How I started using the logo as a layover to images using an app called Pronto