Oh Life


I got up at 5:30 this morning to be at Tea’s Me Cafe at 22nd and Pennsylvania in Indianapolis by 7:30. I’m currently sitting at the McDonalds at 96th and Meridian. I got the Big Breakfast, Biscuits and Gravy, and a small orange juice. There were three guys here having a Bible study or talking about their church – I’m not sure which. They all had beards.

I may be starting up at AllThingsIT this coming Monday, which stresses me out. I may be meeting up with Joy this afternoon which stresses me out. I just want to curl up on a couch and sit a spell. I’ve been going at it pretty hard for a couple of weeks. It might not look like it, but I’m having to push myself to even keep doing the normal stuff I’m doing now.

I’m still working at Dr. Reese’s office for now and am attempting to keep employed there in the afternoons after working mornings at AllThingsIT. My wife wants me to make more money. She wants the money as soon as possible and to spend it before I even make it. I guess that’s what wives do. She’s pregnant. Again. Last night was Halloween. Kids had fun.



I started working at AllThingsIT again doing marketing work. I had to go to work at the Reese office after that. I’m pretty tired right now, but am experimenting with Shopperpress for WordPress to import in Amazon items into a storefront.



I finished filming at the Reese Office and am copying the raw video onto my hard drive. It’s almost 10 GB of video. I’m really tired. Today was the election. I think Obama will win, but not sure yet.



I had a meeting with a new client and he said he wanted to go forward, but he hasn’t yet replied to the proposal I emailed him. I asked for half-down before going forward, but didn’t give him instructions on how to do that, nor did I mention it in our initial meeting at Starbucks at 55 Monument Circle downtown Indianapolis.  When I met with Joy later on that day she hit me like a tornado by immediately asking me to do 3 things all at once while I was already in the middle of doing two things for her. Barack Obama won the election. Carmina and Kevin got new patches on their vests for Awana. I’m still pretty stressed non-stop all day and still going to bed at 9 and waking up at 5:30.



I went over web content with Andy, then drove to meet Joy. She has company over working for her. The house was a mess and she was stressed. Her sons keep her awake at night with requests from the other side of the world. She’s been saying “shit” a lot lately, which bothers me. I walked out on her twice. The first time I had to come back, but the second time she called and I waited for her and her son to figure out the problem over the phone. It was rude and unprofessional of me, but I didn’t like the way I was being treated or how my time was being spent. I’m not a tool – and if I lose the Reese’s because of the breakdown in my relationship with Joy, there are other things I can be doing than her son’s homework or her other son’s business.



I was tired most of the day, but we went to church this morning, ran errands, then went home. Suzanne fixed ham for dinner last night and for lunch this morning. This evening she made one of my favorite meals, blackened chicken pasta. It was good.

I didn’t want to work on my work, but forced myself to attempt to create and edit a Shopperpress child theme. I then took a nap, watched some Glee, and then worked on Teas Me Cafe’s WP-Ecommerce website. That took all I had to finish it.

Suzanne says I have a fever. Maybe she’s right. I do feel hot. It’s back to AllThingsIT tomorrow morning to write up content in the new ‘containers’ I created last Friday. After that I’m headed to Reese office for IT work. Should be a challenge.



Oh man, today was a doozie. I had an emergency domain transfer of teasmecafe.com and couldn’t figure out how to get his email working again. I finally just set him up with Google Apps and trained him on how to use it. He was stressed and I was stressed. That was on top of working 4 hours at AllthingsIT and 4 hours at Reese office before heading home to try and fix the https:// redirect to the subdomain problem I was having with teasmecafe.com. I ended up redirecting the subdomain back to the primary domain as a workaround, but users will still see an error page during the redirect process. John Chalfant mailed a check and AllthingsIT paid for the first time. I guess it was a good day overall. I’m thankful for the work.



I went and saw James Bond, Skyfall this evening. I had to walk to CVS to get the cash first. I bought a Snickers and withdrew $20. I walked the Snickers back to my car and put it in the console for those times when my sugar gets out of whack and I need something quickly. I wore a white t-shirt, but I wasn’t cold. It’s a warm December again, just like in 1998.



Today I woke up at 6:24, 6 minutes before my alarm was to go off. I went to work at AllThingsIT and then went to the chiropractor. Today was the first day of exercise therapy. I found out my gluts are really tight and need stretching. I ate the chili Suzanne packed me at Jason’s house. Krista gave me some bread and water. I drove to Shelbyville to recycle the ewaste. The same lady greeted me and the same guy brought out the same trash can he brought out before. I listened to the “One Night” musical I made in the car. I drove to the Reese Office and used WD-40 on the chair in room 1 and on the back door. Brandon had a stiff neck. I installed the Apteryx license codes finally and tried to get their Tumblr account unblocked. I threw the big trash from Suzanne’s bathroom remodel in the dumptster. I drove to Jason’s house and ate dinner after helping him buy and move a loveseat. It was heavy. I got my saws back to work on the upstairs bathroom and the downstairs bedroom. Now I have to work on Tea’s Me’s stuff so I can go to bed. I have to take out the trash in the morning.



The whole family went to church at White River in Noblesville and then me and Magdalena went to Starbucks for hot chocolate, we went to Barnes and Noble for 39 Clues #5, ate lunch at Paradise Bakery, went to the park on College across from Park Tudor, fed the ducks on Westfield Ave in Broad Ripple, walked around Circle Center Mall and up the Monument Circle, toured the University of Indianapolis, worked at Dr. Reese’s Office, then went and saw The Hobbit at Landmark theater with Jason and Silas.


I took Carmina on a date. We went to breakfast with the family at Jim Dandy, then drove to the bank to deposit a Christmas bonus check from Dr. Reese. I thought about buying a laptop with it, but decided to pay bills instead. Carmina and I then went to Jason’s house to play the new Catan game Jennifer got me for Christmas. Jason won by one point. This was slightly intentional as it will persuade him to want to play again. We ate lunch at Jason’s house then went to Joy’s house to decorate gingerbread men and cupcakes that were left over from last night’s Christmas party. Finally, we drove home, stopping at Marsh to buy her and her mom some flowers. I then went to sleep for the day.



I wrote a blog post on Warby Parker and Google Glass then went to Jason’s house. We drove to JC Penny and other stores to do  research for #highfive.


I drove to Lafayette and met with Angelica, Sharon, Georgia, and Charlie to go over Angelica’s new business plan. We ate dinner and she paid me $1000.


I got sick. My whole family got the flu. Some also got pneumonia and ear infections. I’m still sick.


I read So Good They Can’t Ignore you, then wrote a blog post about it here: https://erichstauffer.com/self-development/how-to-work-a-life-of-purpose


I was sick. Again. Some sort of stomach bug. I’m getting tired of this. And scared.


I took a nap today. I tried to get caught up on email and side-work. Patty O’Banion stopped in this morning and bought a website for her friend for $200. I’ve contacted him by phone and text, but so far have not got a reply.

Angelica is getting ready to go to China for the Han Clinic/Institute, AllThingsIT is getting ready to move into it’s new building, and Jason and Justin have started doing freelance work for me with Reese and INSBC respectively.



Bought a used bike yesterday from the garage sale across the street. Suzanne and kids brought all of the bikes down to Strawtown park and we rode bikes together. Carmina and I went on a bike ride this morning and I went on one again this evening. Carmina and Magdalena had their dance recital today. They did good. I was there to watch. Amalia is almost 4 weeks old now. Samuel likes trains. Kevin wants a basketball. Carmina wants a phone.


Went to Phoebe’s concert and to Superman, Man of Steel. It was Carmina’s birthday. She wanted to go to McDonalds. We went there for lunch.


Went to Chicago with Jason and walked around, saw Lake Michigan and the “bean”. Ate at Harry Carray’s restaurant for lunch and at a pizza restaurant for dinner before going to watch World War Z. We then drove to Wisconsin to visit Madison and the University of Wisconsin. We went to the farmer’s market there, took a tour of the campus, checked out the lakes and the trails, and then went to New Glarus Brewery, then home.


I had a morning meeting at EMD. It was a good meeting to go over his website. He wants videos made. I then went to Zionsville to meet with Angelica and Linda. It was an uncomfortable meeting because Linda was putting down the work I had done and trying to take it from me, but I couldn’t help but think she wasn’t actually better than me, just more vocal than me. I then went to the Reese’s house to work on their computers and meet Christopher for the coconut business. We ate dinner and took a walk.


Went on the Color Run today with kids. Went to Launch Fishers QS meeting with Jason. Had first web dev meeting with Justin to redesign erichstauffer.com.



I was sick with a cold, but went to watch the WordPress Conference, Wordcamp, at Jason’s house with Cullen. We then took a trip through Little Eagle Creek road and West Carmel. I went to be early, around 7 PM. Today I’m having a Coconut meeting about Skinny Coconut Oil.


Started looking for houses.


Spent some time with Suzanne for our anniversary. We went to Chili’s. The kids went to her mom’s house. She got a flat tire, but we were at home.


Went to shoot video at Angelica’s then spent some time with Jason Duncan, which I later wrote a blog post about: https://www.erichstauffer.com/technology/jobs-grants-and-everything-else


Went to Missouri with Mom, Dad, Kira, and Keilan to see Peggy for her birthday. Spent the night in Missouri on the way there and then arrived at Peggy’s house 5 minutes before she was about to leave for lunch. We went to Belton to eat lunch at The Log Cabin. On the way back we stopped by Price Chopper to get groceries for shishkabobs. That evening we grilled dinner. The following morning we had eggs for breakfast with Peggy then headed home. On the way home I told dad about http://ohlife.com/.


I edited together “The Dogs of Windfall” and published it on Amazon Kindle. I had a geeks call with Angie Wylde in the morning. I played Catan with Carmina at night.


It was the pork festival (2013) and we celebrated Kevin’s birthday. Mitch and his family; Jason Duncan and his family; Gaby; Kathy; and my mom and dad came up. Carmina and I rode the Ferris wheel.


It was the day before Kevin’s birthday. We went to the park at the school.


I had a meeting in the morning with Wayne Ashford of Tea’s Me Cafe, then Dan Hoffman at Bonzi Sports, and Angelica Kokkalis for Han Institute. I came home late and watched two movies in bed before going to sleep. The next day (Sunday) I went to church with the family then we went to Chili’s and out for frozen yogurt.


From email to Skinny Team:

It’s in the beginning – a shout out to Erich Stauffer for a recent first sale at Skinny Coconut Oil – he also put a link to Skinny on the podcast page! I thanked him by leaving a comment on the blog post, liking it on Facebook, and mentioning it on Twitter and Google+.


I gotta admit, it felt like I was in a band and our song had just been played on the radio. I’m not going to lie – it felt good.


We all worked hard today. I’m not only looking forward to big paydays in the future, but I’m also enjoying the journey.



Blog post about first sale:

October 5th was a rainy day. I had to get up early in the morning to be in Richmond at 8 AM. At the same time, Matt and Chris were up early getting ready for the Gluten Free Living festival in Carmel. We had recently hired two interns, Michael and Stephanie, but only Michael was there that day. Rachel from the dentist office also stopped by to help sell. We sold almost 50 jars and I got my first check after 2 years of work. On the drive home Andrew Youderian gave me a “First Sale Shout Out” on his podcast. It was a good day.

Andrew’s Podcast that mentioned me and Skinny Coconut Ol:

Thanks for mentioning me on the show for our first sale. I was driving home from an all-day convention selling coconut oil and was thrilled to hear it. It was like having my song played on the radio or something. It was a great memory that I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks again for all you do for the e-commerce community.


Skinny Coconut Oil had its third event, but the second one I had been to.  It was the fIndy Family Fest in  Indianapolis at the State Fairgrounds.  Ate dinner with family in the park. It was starting to get cold. Worked on Moto Menswear.


Jason Cobb and I went to Reese office for video prep work and then to downtown Franklin. We stopped at Long’s bakery in Southport. We walked through the Willard but ended up eating at the Duck restaurant. We both had cheeseburgers and fries. We went to the Artcraft to watch Young Frankenstein and then got some candy on the way home.


Spent the afternoon with Kevin watching movies and then took Magdalena to see the second Hobbit. Jason, Silas, and Calvin also attended.


I got the flu.


I was still a little sick from the flu, but I got to hang out with the family more as I didn’t have to go anywhere. We had bacon quesadillas for lunch and broccoli cheese soup for dinner.


Played with Kevin some. He wanted to work in the woodshop. He wanted to use his hammer. He practiced nailing some boards together and then he helped me glue the broken stool together.

Later on Kevin asked to see what was up in the attic. I got the ladder out and showed him. I then showed him what was behind the attic access in his bedroom behind his bed. He was thrilled.




I met with Jason for our second book club on All You Need is Kill and recorded it as our first podcast*. We ended up talking equally about Groundhog Day (the movie). On the way over, I told Jason I texted Jason that I was “thirsty for coffee” and he replied, “Well good. Cause I’m drinking some of the finest coffee I’ve ever sipped in front of a lovely fire reading Felton annual reports.”

When I arrived, Jason was indeed sitting in front of the fire – his two boys, Silas and Calvin, sitting by his side reading their Kindles. We talked about my ideas about information management systems and then got up to do the book club podcast. Afterwards, we all went to Launch Fishers (a coworking space under the Fisher’s Library) for the Quantified Self Meetup (via Burger King).

Jason was presenting a report on Personal Annual Reports**. The audio of it was also recorded via a failed Google Hangout On Air attempt*** and pictures of it were stored on Dropbox****. After the presentation, the Meetup group went to Texas Roadhouse and we went to Twenty Tap in Broad Ripple (Krista was headed back from having breakfast with her parents in Trafalgar with the girls).

Right before I left the Meetup I saw that most of the files I had uploaded to Skinny and Company’s dropbox account had been deleted. This upset me. There were hundreds of files deleted. I emailed Matt, who didn’t know what happened or why. Matt and his brother Luke were on their way up to Canada to pick up more coconut oil after having been out for over two weeks. The orders were piling up.

After 20 Tap, Jason and I went to the Hubbard and Cravens in South Broad Ripple for coffee and conversation about 2014 goals*****. I revamped the 5 goals I had sent Skinny and Company in January and gave Jason feedback on his. Jason encouraged me to get better about overcoming my fear of confrontation with finances and emails I don’t want to respond to by practicing.

On the way home I stopped by Lowes to pickup wood to build a rocket with Kevin and by Marsh to get ingredients to show Jason and Krista how to make salsa******. When I got home Kevin helped me bring in the wood and carry it downstairs. Suzanne made pizza and the family played Minecraft together. Suzanne and I left the main village to start a new village farther inland beyond the snow-capped mountains.

“I enjoyed our day together. Thanks for coming.”

“Me too, thanks”




I went to The Arnold in Columbus, Ohio with Matt Geddie, Luke Geddie, Joy Reese, Marcella Hoard, and Michael S. I took some pictures and posted them on social media. We stopped at Starbucks and Chipotle on the way there and at Outback on the way home. It took all day.



Played Minecraft with the family.


I met Jason in the morning for breakfast, prayer, and a walk around his neighborhood. We then went to Foundry Provisions coffee shop in Indianapolis before heading to the Quantified Self Meetup in Fishers. I gave a presentation at the meetup about QS web apps (http://slid.es/erichstauffer/quantified-self).

After the meetup, I dropped Jason and Calvin off at their house, had lunch at Chipotle alone, and then went to the Reese’s house to meet Joy, Luke, and Kim for a trip to Angelica’s house to discuss her buying velvet antler for her Han Institute business she’s trying to get started.

Angelica agreed to get hanrx.com started with existing products supplied from Luke Geddie. Matt & team will run logistics ala the dentist ecommerce idea and I will handle marketing. They will give her a percent of the store revenue each month. I’m calling it “a reverse affiliate relationship”.

When I got home I played Minecraft with Suzanne and went to sleep.

Things I’m remembering lately:

The Kansas City Zoo – our vacation there early on in our marriage

Meeting Vineet at Subway that one time for lunch at IUPUI

Sunday school at Pittman Road Church of God (white walls)


Today we went to church at White River Christian Church in Noblesville. Magdalena sat in church with me instead of going to her class. After church we went to The Roost in Fishers for breakfast and to the YMCA to swim. After that we went home to get essential oils and then drove to West Lafayette to see Grandma O’Banion at the Soldiers and Sailor’s Home. Kevin, Carmina, Samuel, and Magdalena rode their scooters and played with the soccer ball. It was 50 degrees outside and sunny. Afterwards we went to Angelica Kokkalis’ house so Suzanne could meet her for the first time. Angelica enjoyed seeing all of the kids. She made them Tontino’s Pizza Rolls and orange juice. It was a good day.


I got a new web client, Jim Nelson, and Jason and I set a date to start recording our first online course.


Met with Jason to create our first online course. Decided on the use of Bold Bros. for the name of the project. Decided to start a podcast. I forget what our first course is going to be about. We recorded 3 videos, 1 screencast, and 1 audio recording. #learningsets #boldbros #onlinecourses


I went to King’s Island with Jason on Friday and then to EMD on Saturday morning. When I got back I took a nap then played Civ5. On Sunday (Mother’s Day) I went to church with the kids. For lunch we went to Qdoba and then I went to Launch Fishers to work on Bold Bros. I finished phase 1 of the first online course on business blogging/content marketing. The next step is either to turn it into an ebook or start making the videos.


I met with Suzanne about finances at the house and then she made me biscuits and gravy for breakfast before I left to get adjusted at the chiropractor in Carmel. My neck was hurting from King’s Island.

After that I had planned to meet Jason at SOHO to work on Bold Bros and prepare for the meeting with Debbie at Yokohama in Greenwood on Sunday at 2, but since Jason couldn’t meet I watched Kevin’s soccer game.

After the soccer game we all went with Grammy to Qdoba where Suzanne and I attempted to teach the kids how to set the table both at a restaurant and at home. We also discussed new home schooling curriculum for the kids.

That afternoon I went to Launch Fishers to work on posting Reese Office blog posts for the month of May that Aggie had written. Today I’m typing this again from Launch Fishers on my way to meet Jason on the way to Greenwood.


I spent the day resting after getting run down at work. And then on Sunday I got sick with a sore throat and spent another day resting. I felt bad because there is so much self-imposed work to do creating the course or re-building up the consultancy – and the weather was so nice – but I just couldn’t move. It was like everything was ‘gray’.


I mowed the yard and trimmed trees. I then went to Kevin’s soccer game and then home. We had bacon lettuce and tomato sandwhiches for lunch and biscuits and gravy for dinner. I played Civ 5 in the afternoon and evening and went to bed at 9.


I worked at Dr. Richard Gillum’s dentist office setting up the new Server 2008 domain for Practiceworks. About 2 hours in I realized the RAID 5 wasn’t setup so after researching and calling Dell, we realized the RAID wasn’t setup and had to be rebuilt, which meant reinstalling Server 2008 and re-doing the updates. This wasn’t that bad aside from the slowness that an initializing RAID causes, which slowed everything else down. I worked from 8 AM to 7 PM with no breaks for $1200.


I stayed in playing Civilization 5 except for mowing the yard. It was hot in our bedroom despite having air conditioning in the rest of the house so Suzanne went and bought a fan from the store. On Sunday I trimmed trees in the yard and worked on Skinny Coconut Oil’s website some. Suzanne made waffles, salsa, and chicken tortilla soup.


I went on a walk to the baseball diamond park with Kevin and Samuel, then we went to see the trains, went to White’s Meat Market for drinks and candy, and then went home where I played Civ 5 until it was time to get ready to go to Angelica’s for a Han meeting. The day before was Suzanne’s birthday and we went to Texas Roadhouse with Gaby and Scott.


I helped Bill Heath with an IT issue and then worked on Jason’s landscaping with Jason. I had asked him if he’d buy me a tank of gas for helping me because we’ve been trying to get ahead on some bills and he agreed. When I got home I played Civ 5 and played football with Kevin and Samuel. Camina and Magdalena had 4H with Grammy and Suzanne.


On Monday, August 4 I was laid off from Worksmart Systems due to a consolidation of the IT department for budget reasons. My boss, Aaron Matlock, said, “I can do what you can do, but I can’t do what Andy can do.” It is true that I was underutilized there, but the lack of income and suddenness of the event was and is traumatic. I am currently looking for new income by applying for jobs and servicing the existing customers I still have. I am still trying to decide whether or not to go full-time consulting or go back full-time as an employee. I am attending a job fair at Apple tonight in Indianapolis and have had one phone interview for a SEO specialist position in the Castleton area. I am trying to get a Digital Marketing Manager job at One Click Ventures – even going as far as to make a special video sent via a VHS tape with the domain “oneclickVHS.com”, but so far have no news on that front. Today is Suzanne and I’s 12-year anniversary.


I laid in bed all day working on Skinny and Company stuff to pay for working on Simplicity Hollistic Health stuff on Tuesday. I think I’m getting sick.