How to Delete a Digg Submission

The short answer is, you can’t.  According to

We are able to edit submission titles, categories & descriptions. Contact us from the email address associated with your username and include the URL of the submission as well as the changes you’d like to make.

However, as stated in the section 6 of the Terms of Use, we don’t delete content unless it is in violation of our Terms of Use. Please note that un-Digging a story removes it from your profile, but not from Additionally, we can’t switch a submission’s thumbnail for you, but we can remove it if you’d like.

So what are your options?

  1. Undigg it. This is irreversible. You can’t redigg something you’ve undug. This is the weakest option.
  2. Bury it. This pushes it down, but it can be promoted by someone else’s digg. Again, nothing permanent.
  3. Narc it. Turn it in for violating something in their Terms of Use.  That should be easy enough as it has many, many rules.

Note that everything you post becomes public domain under the Creative Commons license.  This means it is not your own, other than you being one member of the public.  So, when you post things to Digg, just be aware of the long-term implications.  Post wisely!

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