• Google Maps Query String Parameters

    The following is a list of query string parameters that can be passed to Google Maps. These arguments are helpful if you want to get Google Maps to display driving directions, which are not available under the API. Query Translation q= “q” stands for “query” and anything passed in this parameter is treated as if […]

  • Google Video Uploads with Comcast

    Comcast Users Experiencing CONNECTION INTERRUPTED at Google Video Comcast users trying to upload video to Google Video lately have experienced a CONNECTION INTERRUPTED message. If you are upset about this, please contact Comcast. It is not Google, it is Comcast or your Internet service provider. But just to be sure, in Windows XP, check your […]

  • How to Delete a Digg Submission

    The short answer is, you can’t.  According to Digg.com: We are able to edit submission titles, categories & descriptions. Contact us from the email address associated with your username and include the Digg.com URL of the submission as well as the changes you’d like to make. However, as stated in the section 6 of the […]