• Outsourced Director of E-Commerce Platforms & Operations

    As your outsourced director of operations, I will be responsible for owning, maintaining, and enhancing your B2C and B2B online sales platforms. I will ensure that your platforms are capable of meeting the requirements of your tech-forward E-Commerce and digital marketing activities. I will also be responsible for all new platform implementations and other E-Commerce […]

  • Outsourced Director of Web, Data, and Operations

    If you are seeking a seasoned leader of consumer/donor data analytics, tools and web development to modernize the use of your data to achieve unprecedented new company growth, look no further than me, Erich Stauffer. I have a track record of strong business judgement applied to routine and complex data and reporting. As your outsourced […]

  • Shopify Expert and Partner

    If you are looking for a Shopify expert who has the knowledge and expertise to help your organization be stronger on what you already do and is great to work with, look no further than Erich Stauffer. Let’s establish a strong partnership where I can work with you to create a solid and well optimized […]