Outsourced Director of Web, Data, and Operations

If you are seeking a seasoned leader of consumer/donor data analytics, tools and web development to modernize the use of your data to achieve unprecedented new company growth, look no further than me, Erich Stauffer. I have a track record of strong business judgement applied to routine and complex data and reporting. As your outsourced Director of Web, Data & Operations I am a proven leader with experience in managing Shopify websites, developing technical solutions, analytical reporting, performing marketing, development, and digital decisions. I have a sense of urgency in adding business intelligence to decision making and am a effective business partner with functional areas across the company (e.g., Finance, IT) to drive effective and timely implementation of needed tools and information. My Shopify ecommerce expertise will help manage your team members and your website allowing your company to grow.

Web Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Builds, manages, and leads a Shopify web platform and data analytics tuned to the needs of a growing, customer-centric organization
  • Merchandising allowing our communities to show off your products
  • Develops and implements e-commercee website strategic plans and initiatives to efficiently drive revenue growth
  • Define new website features, functionality, testing, and implementation to improve customer experience, workflows and staff efficiency
  • Works across IT and Marketing and Development to drive to successful decision making and implementation of needed web and software platforms including customer relationship management, customer conversion, funnels, quantitative, and qualitative data
  • Manages the conversion of the two OUR websites to be one
  • Leads and mentors the team assigned to keep the website updated
  • Makes insightful suggestions on how to close revenues gaps or how to grow additional revenue

Data Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develops regular reporting of revenues achieved and from what sources, as well as projecting revenue for the year/quarter
  • Builds operational dashboards to provide useful KPI’s and insights and ultimately drive significant improvements in donor and revenue growth
  • Supports Marketing and Development in identifying opportunities to improve the customer experience across various touchpoints and stages of the customer journey

Operations Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Drives end-to-end optimization of the marketing and development processes and systems including CRM, the O.U.R. Store and donor websites, gift programs, and payment options
  • Balances the needs of the business while being a strong advocate of our donors and their experiences
  • Manages the Marketing and Development budget for the team with the goal of optimizing it for revenue growth and efficiency
  • Actively recognizes technological innovation and uses as appropriate for building revenue
  • Stay up to date on e-commerce trends and adapt the company’s ecommerce operations accordingly

My Qualifications:

  • A technical leader with a track record of measurable successes
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related technical related field
  • 15+ years of experience creating data analytics driving business outcomes and managing teams
  • Track record of organizational transformation towards data-driven decision making through the build/deployment and adoption of data analytics
  • Extensive eCommerce experience, managing both back-end and front-end development and processes that keep the website fresh and updated
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational communication skills
  • Self-starter who can seek out needs and information without directives
  • Ability to multi-task and perform in several capacities
  • Ability to work with modern systems & complex technologies
  • Outstanding project management, scheduling, and research skills
  • Willing to work in a flexible work environment
  • Enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and self-motivated
  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills; team-oriented, flexible, positive, and personable attitude, with a willingness to learn and continually strive for excellence; ability to work collaboratively with vendors and across departments