• Mexican Food Principle

    Mexican Food is great, but it can teach us lessons far beyond gastrointestinal delight. I’m talking about the Mexican Food Principle. Mexican food’s great, but it’s essentially all the same ingredients, so there’s a way you’d have to deal with all these stupid questions. ‘What is nachos?‘ ‘Nachos? It’s a tortilla with cheese, meat, and […]

  • How to Succeed and Grow through a Slow Economy

    Are your company leaders keeping an eye on the traffic patterns in the economy? Are they doing what most companies do during a down economy? Does your company have a culture of innovation? It doesn’t matter if your company has 10,000 employees or you are self-employed, the economy affects us all. How we react to […]

  • Vibration Economics

    How managing a bad economy is similar to driving a car through a construction zone. Yesterday, driving with my family in the car, there were several times when traffic ground to a complete stop due to merging lanes in construction zones. Logically I knew this didn’t have to happen if everyone within the system both […]