• I want to learn something new. But what?

    I recently stumbled upon this on Reddit by rtheone, whom I give full credit. The only reason I’m posting this here in full is because of the fickle nature of Reddit (in that it could be deleted at any time), but I thought it should be saved for a while here. They talk about many […]

  • More Tips for Graphic Designers Starting Out

    A while back I wrote Tips for Graphic Designers Starting Out in Indianapolis, but recently I ran across an article by Meg Robichaud entitled, Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Freelancing that I think does a much better job of explaining exactly what to do when starting out freelancing as a graphic designer. […]

  • Facebook Cover Photos

    Unless you act before March 30th, Facebook will automatically change your Facebook Page to the new Timeline layout. This means that your business page will no longer look the same and therefore any custom tabs or images you created for your Facebook Page will move or be changed. The biggest change is the addition of […]