A Review of Adobe Flash CS4

Adobe Flash CS4 Professional software is the industry-leading authoring environment for creating engaging interactive experiences. New object-based animation tools make working in Flash easier and more intuitive for beginning and expert designers like myself, while powerful design tools expand your creative possibilities. Flash is the place to bring it all together and deliver to audiences regardless of platform or device. According to Adobe, Flash players are installed on 99% of desktops, so you know that the content is usable most everywhere, but it still won’t work on Apple’s iPhone.

Adobe Flash CS4 Professional contains hundreds of enhancements over CS3, including an easy-to-customize user interface consistent with other components within the Adobe Creative Suite 4 family of software. I’ve been messing with Flash the past few days, and the IK (bones) tool is my favorite added feature. It makes creating walk cycles easier, and also makes animations more interesting. One thing you should note is that the arms and legs all have to be on separate layers. If you try using the whole body shape, the movements get messed up.

The 3D tool is nice, but some of the 3D stuff can be done by using the free transform tool. Overall it is a useful feature for what can’t be done with the free transform tool.

The spray brush tool is also a nice feature. It allows you to not just spray pain with colors, but with symbols also. There are some really cool things that can be done with this, such as backgrounds.

Overall, this is a very good product that I recommend.