How to Save Adobe ImageReady PSD as Animated GIF When Only JPG Appears

Adobe ImageReady Optimize MenuIf what is happening to you is like what happened to me, the Optimize menu got switched to JPG instead of GIF and I couldn’t save my Photoshop document (PSD) as an animated GIF.  It simply wasn’t an option.  I had to Google it, searching for terms like “adobe imageready not showing gif” until I found this quote, which saved me:

To create the GIF from the psd or even the jpg file, you have to have the Optimise palette open in ImageReady, and have GIF selected under the Format tab. You can then tweak the colour table, transparency, dither etc on the same palette. Then save as optimised… 🙂

I had to figure out where the Optimize menu was in Adobe ImageReady, but once I did that, I changed it to GIF and I was golden!