It Was a Hot Day

It Was a Hot Day by Erich Stauffer, 6-28-1997

He escapes through the front door and begins to run.

The man inside would realize he was gone and start after him in his vehicle if he chose. The who escaped started running through the woods instead of on the road. A vehicle was coming from the other direction to pick him up – he had to avoid being re-captured, yet catch a ride with a vehicle traveling down the road not knowing where he is. “Only a few hundred more yards to a payphone,” [he thought].

He gets out his phone card and the number. Dial. Get behind the phone. Punch in the code. Get behind the phone. Type the phone number. Get behind the phone. What does the man’s engine sound like? Here comes a car!

“Cellular customer unavailable.”

He keeps walking. He walks past the church. Could it be open? He might miss his ride. He kept walking. Visual contact!

“Get in the car!”. [He gets in the car.]

“Turn around and get outta here.” He’s sweating. It was a hot day.

New Logo Defines What is a Water Shawl

You may or may not have noticed that we updated our logo recently. This is partly because Erich Stauffer has never had a logo other than his name, which was done with both Telablue and Watershawl. But the primary reason for changing the logo was in order to define, “What is a water shawl?”

I often get asked, “What is a water shawl?” It could mean ‘a water-filled shawl you wear around your head’ or it might not mean anything at all. It actually started as an Internet ‘handle’ or username for Erich Stauffer that he named after his stay at “Waters Hall” at Kentucky Christian University. But people never really seemed to like that truth of that answer so we set out to create a new story for the name and this is what we discovered. It also means a type of Pashmina shawl.

The water shawl that surrounds us all

If you define a water shawl as a ‘water-filled shawl that you wear around your head’ then some poetic license could be taken to both move that “shawl” inside our body and outside of our earth. There are actually two water ‘shawls’ that surround each and every one of us. There is the fluid that surrounds our brains that protects us from shogs and there is the water that surrounds the earth that provides us with rain (why do they hate you?).

How the logo portrays a water shawl

The blue ring symbolizes the water surrounding the inside of the circle where your mind might see a head, face, or the earth. The bottom section is cut to represent the slope of a persons shoulders and sometimes looks like a a person smiling, which we liked. We like to think of our clients being inside that circle and being happy with us.

Some design trouble we ran into and how we overcame it

I liked that I was able to keep the colors consistent with the web site theme, but I ran into trouble with the choice of color for the bottom part of the ring. It was originally white, but when placed on a white background, it didn’t have the effect I wanted. I experimented with adding an outline, but settled on changing the bottom color to gray when on a light background and back to white when on a dark background. We think this works well, but I look forward to your feedback.

Indianapolis WordPress Development

Erich Stauffer is a WordPress implementation shop serving the greater Indianapolis area. We specialize in developing web sites for WordPress using professional web design techniques. WordPress is an open source, fully supported content management system (CMS) that was originally developed for blogs, but can be used for almost anything. We chose WordPress because it allows our clients to manage their own content if they so choose, not to mention all the built-in functionality like search and RSS.

Another one of WordPress’ greatest features is the ability to add software called plug-ins that add functionality for SEO, web forms, or social media, just to name a few examples. And for those who stay up at night worrying, WordPress has backup tools and we at Erich Stauffer use international web port monitoring to make sure your web site is up at all times.