It Was a Hot Day

It Was a Hot Day by Erich Stauffer, 6-28-1997

He escapes through the front door and begins to run.

The man inside would realize he was gone and start after him in his vehicle if he chose. The who escaped started running through the woods instead of on the road. A vehicle was coming from the other direction to pick him up – he had to avoid being re-captured, yet catch a ride with a vehicle traveling down the road not knowing where he is. “Only a few hundred more yards to a payphone,” [he thought].

He gets out his phone card and the number. Dial. Get behind the phone. Punch in the code. Get behind the phone. Type the phone number. Get behind the phone. What does the man’s engine sound like? Here comes a car!

“Cellular customer unavailable.”

He keeps walking. He walks past the church. Could it be open? He might miss his ride. He kept walking. Visual contact!

“Get in the car!”. [He gets in the car.]

“Turn around and get outta here.” He’s sweating. It was a hot day.