IT & Marketing Product Manager at GoServicePro

GoServicePro makes field service software. As the IT & Marketing Product Manager, I was primarily responsible for improving the product.

From client demos to working with developers, sales, and marketing teams – this cross-functional role at GoServicePro provided me with insights into business analysis, technical project management, and fostering collaboration among diverse teams. My proficiency in various technical tools, coupled with my strong analytical and problem-solving skills, will allow me to effectively contribute to the company’s endeavors.

GoServicePro used Agile methodologies with the goal of delivering value in each sprint, however we sometimes used a waterfall approach at the beginning of a project. Work was mostly in a kanban style (in Trello) rather than scrum.

My experience working directly with customers and my reasons for considering a consultative and customer-facing role

At GoServicePro, I regularly worked directly with clients and I loved it. While it can be challenging at times, the filter-free access adds both added responsibility and clarity. I also worked directly with clients at Blue Acorn iCi.