Active Enzymes and Living Foods

Whether you think you’re on a diet or not, most people are on the “The S.A.D. Diet”, which Brandy Mason says stands for Standard American Diet. Brandy is a living foods consultant and certified colon hydrotherapist in Carmel, Indiana who advises people on what foods to eat and how to keep yourself cleansed. She’s been helping people do just that since 2009.

What is Living Food?

I asked Brandy to define what living foods are and here’s what she said, “Three-fourths of one’s plate should consist of foods that have not been denatured by heat (anything cooked over 120-130 degrees) These are the foods that have all their active enzymes intact therefore considered ‘living foods’.”

I asked Brandy how she got started in living foods consulting and she said, “I was overweight and had no energy. One day I was hanging out at the bookstore and somewhere between the self-help books and the cook books I found a book by Norman Walker called Become Younger.”

Norman Walker, a pioneer with juicing raw fruits and vegetables, advocated cleansing your body by juicing and then following up with colon hyrdrotherapy so that’s exactly what Brandy did. “I dropped 50 pounds with no exercise and had tons of energy,” she said, “I was hooked and knew then that I wanted to help other people feel as great as I felt.”

Brandy flew down to Puerto Rico to get certified at the Ann Wigmore Health Institute where she spent several days learning about eating raw foods and how to cleanse your body at the cellular level. When she got back, she purchased an Angel of Water, which allows you to relax in a reclining position while evacuating the contents of the colon, and she was in business.

Her dream is to open her own institute where people can come to learn about the lifestyle that Norman Walker and Ann Wigmore taught her so much about. Brandy envisions people being able to come and learn about whole foods, raw foods, juicing, and cleansing while they rest and rejuvenate their body and soul. Brandy calls this process, “Self-sustaining training.”

Brandy has been around the body for most of her career. Before doing living foods consulting and colon hydrotherapy in Carmel, Indiana, she was a registered radiology specialist. I asked Brandy what she likes doing when she’s not helping people learn how to take better care of their bodies and she said she enjoys playing with her two dogs and watching her kids play sports.

You can find out more about Brandy at her website or by calling her at 317-690-0536.