• Synchronicity: Axis of the Universe is Oriented to “Sextans” Constellation

    TL;DR: The universe has an axis and the direction of that axis from Earth is toward a constellation named after a tool to find the orientation of stars. According to this 1997 article, All Space is Not Equal: Physicists Find Axis that Gives the Universe Orientation, “From Earth, the axis of this orientation runs toward […]

  • Intro to Essential Oils: The Starter Kit

    Are you interested in learning about essential oils? My wife and I have found essential oils to be a great blessing in our house to keep people healthy and the house clean. The uses of essential oils in the house never cease to amaze me. How to get started with essential oils? I always recommend a Premium […]

  • The 10 Best Cities for Starting a Business in 2015

    According to a Forbes slideshow, the 10 best cities for starting a business in the United States is based on: Average revenue of businesses Percentage of businesses with paid employees Number of businesses per 100 people Unemployment rate It’s unclear as to what order these cities are supposed to be in or what makes these […]