• Grain Harvest? More like Great Harvest!

    I recently wrote about how I typically work and network in Indianapolis and while it started out as a way to discuss how to get the most out of little pieces of the city (what in my mind I call “hacking the day”), it ended up being more about networking and how I spend a […]

  • (Net)Working Indianapolis

    Every Thursday morning I attend a BNI networking group in Carmel. After the meeting I head over to the Subway next to Jason’s Deli and Office Depot. I get the $3 breakfast combo, which includes a 6-inch breakfast sandwich and a regular drink. I then sit down with my laptop and get online using the […]

  • Active Enzymes and Living Foods

    Whether you think you’re on a diet or not, most people are on the “The S.A.D. Diet”, which Brandy Mason says stands for Standard American Diet. Brandy is a living foods consultant and certified colon hydrotherapist in Carmel, Indiana who advises people on what foods to eat and how to keep yourself cleansed. She’s been […]