Director of Operations/General Manager – eCommerce + Warehouse

I am a Director of eCommerce Operations with a strong emphasis in eCommerce, Logistics, and Warehouse Management. I have 3+ years of full time experience managing eCommerce platforms (ShipStation, familiar with Slack, Amazon, Amazon FBA, WHM Software and Inventory Procedures) as well as managing a team for production.

  • SPECIALIZING IN Shopify and Adobe Commerce

Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Implement Inventory Management System and on-going accuracy and tracking of product across warehouse and sales channels (predominately Amazon and B2B).
  • Monitoring and able to Quality Control product and ensure accuracy of QC process. (Scaling System 1-5)
  • Coordinate manufacturing runs and shipments with our factory in China
  • Coordinate vendor relationships inbound/outbound shipments and accuracy
  • Managing adherence to KPI’s and SOP’s to ensure inventory is secure and 99%+ accurate
  • Handling Warehouse Management Issues (setting up printers, buying tech as needed)

Team Management

  • Manage virtual employees for sourcing divisions and customer service/admin duties
  • Oversee management of warehouse staff and virtual staff (currently 5 employees)
  • Hire seasonal team members as necessary for busy times and projects
  • Ensure Payroll and proper time management is accounted for and submitted
  • Measure and monitor efficiency of production in the warehouse


  • Manage on-site and virtual teams
  • Able to take on responsibilities and support in growth
  • Ability to Synthesis information and create Efficient workflows, SOPs, and KPI’s to monitor.


  • Familiar with ShipStation, UPS, USPS to properly package and ship high value items
  • Familiar with uLine and shipping supplies to find solutions for products
  • Manage our Inbound Product Vendors and Relationship and timely receiving of their product and communication with them
  • Manage our B2B Customers (with Admin support) to ensure their expectations are being met
  • Research to find necessary vendors and negotiate pricing
  • Expert level navigation of Amazon platform to add/edit/manage products and inventory.


  • 2+ years of experience in Inventory Management of a manufacturing facility
  • Specifically understanding the process of refurbishing items and grading/sorting them by condition
  • Experience in building and managing enthusiastic and effective teams
  • Experience with Amazon FBA and Walmart FBW
  • Knowledge of ShipStation, Amazon, Quickbooks, Inventory Management Software (TBD), and Helium10
  • Management of virtual teams and training
  • Experience creating metrics for success and evaluation mechanisms
  • Experience with high level customer service
  • Software currently used: Google Suite, ShipStation, Amazon, 3dCart, Wave, Quickbooks, BQool, and Helium10.

I have experience running operations for a Small to Medium to Enterprise-sized Ecommerce businesses. Interested in hiring a Director of Operations/General Manager – eCommerce + Warehouse? Connect with me on Linkedin or email me to schedule a call.