I Drove Uber and Lyft for New Year’s Eve 2019

2019 was a formative year. A lot of change happened. Some good. Some bad. But it happened. And now all we can do is focus on the future, be positive, thankful, and loving. Here’s to 2020!

Each new year we have before us a brand new book containing 365 blank pages. Let us fill all these pages with beautiful memories to cherish them all through our life! Happy New Year!

Jason and I Visited Madison, Wisconsin in November of 2019

In this vlog, I meet up with fellow YouTuber, Calvin Cobb the Boi (0:37), who shows us a syck jump on his mountain bike. His dad, Jason Cobb (also a fellow YouTuber), and I then got coffee at Starbucks (0:58) and then drove to the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1:11) where we see parkour (1:31) being practiced.

We then visit the shores of Lake Mendota where Jason learned to sail (2:21) and where the Wisconsin Hoofers were wading in cold water (2:38) in front of the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus Union (2:21). We went inside (3:05) to rest for a bit before continuing on to the WU-Madison Campus Bookstore (3:22).

We ate lunch at a Thai food restaurant called, Monsoon Siam (3:28) where we had an appetizer of sun-dried beef and drunken noodles (pad kee mao). For an afternoon pick-me-up, we visited the coffee shop, Ancora Coffee, where I got an Americano (4:09) and Jason got a normal cup of coffee.

Finally, we stopped by Costco (4:39) and Kwik Trip (5:27) on the way home.