• Marketing Operations Director

    As your marketing operations director, my responsibilities will include leadership and strategic operations for consumer commerce divisions. I will optimize resources, drive savings/efficiencies and operationalize new functions to drive profit return to the company. Specifically: Key Responsibilities: Interested? Connect with me on Linkedin or email me to schedule a call.

  • Director, Operations, eCommerce, & Social Commerce

    I am focused on creating innovative customer experiences that shape the future of retail and commerce. As your director of marketing, operations, and ecommerce, I believe in social commerce -an area that is fundamentally transforming the way people discover and shop – through my efforts in shoppable livestreaming, social shopping tools and partnerships, and platforms […]

  • Director of Marketing, Operations, and eCommerce

    If you’re a growing company needing a motivated individual to network within the community develop and manage events, grow business and encourage the team in these activities, someone who is organized and maintains a task-oriented mindset with strong communication throughout the team, look no further. As your director of marketing, operations, and ecommerce, I will […]