Field Notes

I spilled coffee on my Field Notes.

It went everywhere.

Something so simple as setting down a cup of coffee caused an inordinate amount of chaos and care to clean up.

But it was worth it.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned despite making a plan.

I’m okay with that.

The body craves novelty just as much as it craves stability.

A week ago my job was eliminated.

My stability was taken away, replaced by novelty.

I had mixed emotions of fear, anxiety, joy, and excitement.

One door had closed and another door had not yet opened. I was in the hallway. I was on my own.

But I wasn’t alone.

I have God, friends, network connections, my skills, time, and sheer determinism.

I’ve been praying, reaching out to people, and applying for jobs.

I’ve been publishing content to and interacting on social media.

And after a week, I only have one lead from one recruiter.

But that’s ok.

Now I can learn from what I’ve done, analyze it, and improve it.

I know that writing or journaling is an important part of healing, brain development, and general success in life so I’m attempting to start a daily routine of writing.

Right now it hurts a bit because I haven’t associated dopamine with it, but I’m hoping to rewire my brain to crave it – just like it craves novelty and stability.