Waking Up to an EMP

You wake up in the morning as the sun hits your face.  You check the clock and see that the electricity has gone out and you start to panic, wondering what time it is.  You reach for your cell phone to check the time and call your boss, but it too is off.  Attempts to turn it back on fail so you go to turn on your laptop to check the time there and see what is going on.  When your laptop fails to start you start to wonder what is actually going on so you go outside to your car.  Many of your neighbors are standing outside talking to one another.  That’s odd, you think to yourself, but they’re probably just asking each other about the power outage.  You get in the car to check the time and listen to some news on the radio, but when you turn the key, nothing happens.  That’s when it hits you.  There’s been an EMP and the world has changed overnight.

Immediately your thoughts switch to survival mode.  The bicycle on your front porch just became one of the most valuable vehicles on the block.  The water in the tower won’t last long once everyone realizes what is going on.  Good thing there are no modes of communication so as long as your mouth shut you can take advantage of other peoples ignorance.  You use your credit card at the gas station to purchase non perishable foods and propane tanks.  Since the electricity is down they have converted to swiping carbon copies.  A lot of good that will do you say to yourself.  Meanwhile you head back and fill your bathtub up with water and wonder how you are going to communicate with your family members to let them know what’s going on.  The very satellites used to detect electromagnetic pulses from the sun or an atomic explosion have been taken out.  All cell phone and land lines are down. The power grid is toast.  Even natural gas has stopped  flowing as electric pumps have failed.

Welcome to the apocalypse.