The New Normal

You might have heard the term, “The New Normal” being cast around, but what does it all mean?  I can only assume it means that in this post-war on terror, post-recession era that profit and cash is now more important than credit.  Bankruptcy is normal.  Terms like First, Second, and Third-world countries no longer apply (The Internet, Ireland, China, and Greece have all turned things updside down).  And most importantly, we have had an entire generation grow up fully connected via cell phone, the Internet, and Facebook.  We’ve had our own Great Depression (widely described as The Great Recession), our own Pearl Harbor (9/11), and our own Industrial Revolution (The Information Age).  We are entering into a civic cycle more connected with the world and to each other than we have ever been.  We know who died out of a country with more than a billion people within minutes of its occurrence.  If we want to write Oprah a quick note, we just log onto Twitter and type @Oprah.  Our former president, George W. Bush now has a Facebook account–and so does your parents.  This is the new normal.  Get used to it.