• The Trading Turtle Experiment

    Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt are not names you will immediately recognize. But if you are interested in becoming a successful Forex trader, it is worth reading up on them as it might change your life. In the early 1980’s, the two commodity traders had turned $5000 into $100million. Of course, they were ecstatic and […]

  • Forex Tips for Beginners

    Top 15 Forex Terms If you are new to forex trading, check out this forex glossary of terms. Here you will find all the definitions you will hear/see while trading in the forex market. You might also check out Investopedia’s Top 300 Forex Terms [PDF]. If these are too much for you all at once, […]

  • Mesh Networking

    In one of my last posts about networking in Indianapolis, Jeremy Houchens of Pro Media Publishing said, “Thanks for including the links to the local events!”, which when juxtaposed against a recent comment from Ashley Hardy of ANH Media about how, “You know all the networking events in Indianapolis”, and it made me wonder if […]