Sometimes I Worry

Sometimes I worry about people. There was a guy who went straight into the military from high school. I think about him every now and then and wonder if he’s okay. Today I looked him on Facebook. He’s got 4 kids and he looks like he’s doing okay. Now I don’t have to worry about him anymore.

Aaron and his family

Sometimes I think about how much time I spent making movies, music, and writing stories when I was younger and how little I do that now. I literally have a video camera in my pocket and I never make movies. What was different about my life then vs. my life now? I’m not busier. I’m less busy now.

Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t friends with more people who were geographically close to me growing up. There were two girls who lived relatively close to me, but their houses were on the other side of the highway and it was hard to get to. How can I be friends with the neighbors I have now?

Franklin, IN - Google Maps

Sometimes I wonder what impact I’m having on the world and how I’ll be remembered by my children when I’m gone. I wonder how they’ll think of me and whether or not they’ll remember me or only remember the pictures they took of me and the words I wrote on my blog. I’m glad they took pictures of me and read my blog.

Sometimes someone you thought was no longer your friend reaches out to you to reconnect and sometimes someone you thought would always be there leaves your side. These things happen more often than they told you it would. But what they also told you was that it will be okay. And it will.