The Skinny Coconut Oil Story

Update: if you’re looking for a coconut oil that tastes, smells, and feels like Skinny Coconut Oil from Skinny & Co., check out Dignity Coconut Oil (affiliate link). Like Skinny, their coconut oil is raw and they use glass jars instead of plastic, but the best part is their mission to raise women out of poverty.

The Skinny & Co. Story

Below is a comparison of how the company actually started versus the branded version of the story and here is a detailed account how we got our first sale.

This is a video I made for Skinny Coconut Oil using an MP3 from Pure Green Mag where the president, Matt Geddie, was featured as a guest on her podcast. Videos are from 2013-2015 featuring Luke Geddie, Stephanie Demic, Chris Murphy, Erich Stauffer, Matt Geddie, Joy Reese, Marcella Hoard, Michael Smeehuyzen, Madeline Disalvo, and Mary Pempek. With a special guest appearance: Kevin Stauffer. Not featured: Joseph – the first packing guy, Jennifer – the first sales lady, Lisa Vitkin – the first customer service lady (to get more off of Marcella’s plate), Peyton Zehner, and Madeleine Parker – the finance lady.

The story on Skinny & Co’s website has ranged from being about Luke, Matt, and Kim to now Luke and his mom, Joy. It was originally written by Chris Murphy in 2013 and slightly edited by me and Madeline in 2014, but it’s mostly maintained the same story. While it’s meant to weave a story about the outcome of 2 brother’s adventure around the world, it comes across as 2 rich kids who have started a company and has little to do with the people buying the product. This is my first draft at a slightly different story: one told from your perspective – a perspective that our target customers can identify with and be a part of:

New Skinny Story (Erich Stauffer’s “Joy” Version, written 5/7/2015)

As a stay-at-home mom who lives a holistic lifestyle, Joy understands what it’s like to spend your days helping others, preparing meals, taking care of children, and doing daily chores. She had spent her whole adult life providing for her children, but in 2013 her children had a surprise for her.

When her son brought home a new type of coconut oil from Vietnam, she immediately noticed a difference. Joy had tried a wide variety of coconut oils over the years and used it for everything from cooking to skin care, but she had never seen any oil as pure and white as this.

As a holistic practitioner who understood the power of raw, alkaline foods, she had the oil tested and was astonished to find that it had the highest alkaline of all coconut oils. She knew then that she had to do everything she could to help other people like her get access to this new type of oil.

That’s when she decided to start Skinny and Company.

What started as a small-batch coconut oil company out of her home kitchen is now a thriving business in downtown Broad Ripple – Indianapolis’ holistic hotbed. That’s where she met Omar, a well-known yoga instructor and massage therapist.

“He just showed up on our doorstep and demanded to know more about Skinny Coconut Oil,” Joy said, “After talking to him for an hour, we knew that our customers would love him – and they do!”

In addition to adding Omar to the team, Joy brought on Mary, a wellness coach, to help people like her learn how to incorporate Skinny Coconut Oil into their lives. Mary and Joy made fast friends and our wholesale clients just love working with her. We think you will, too.

We know you are pulled in many different directions and are responsible for making other people feel loved, appreciated, and understood, but at Skinny and Company you are surrounded by people who love you and can’t wait for you to feel the same way we do.

A Review of Skinny Coconut Oil

Adding coconut oil to your coffee is an easy way to supplement meals, to boost your metabolism in the morning, and to give your brain a boost of energy to start the day.