I like breakfast. I like it so much I started making an app to help me find biscuits and gravy. I talk about biscuits and gravy so much I rank higher than Hardee’

I own the hashtag #passmeabiscuit on social media. One of my favorite restaurants is Lambert’s Cafe “Home of the Throwed Rolls.” But I gave all of that up.

When I was young I thought big. I thought I’d own a large, vertical empire of companies. Instead of paying for gravel, I’d own a mining company. Instead of paying for contractors, I’d own a construction company.

I wanted to own a mansion with not just one basement, but several layers of basement, kind of like the uber-wealthy in London do today. I have this thing about digging. I like to dig. Sometimes I think the only way out is down.

Every spring for the last 2 years I’ve played Minecraft. I like to build roads. When I first started to drive I’d fantasize about building new roads, straighter roads. I wanted to connect more places. I’m a connector.

I like meeting new people and connecting people I’ve met with new people I’ve met. I guess this makes me a networker. I like to encourage people. I’m an encourager. I’m an introvert. I recharge when I’m alone, but sometimes I get lonely.

I live in Tipton. It’s a small town, but I’m not there that often. When I’m there I’m mostly at home, but sometimes I go for walks. There isn’t much places to go, but sometimes, at night, in the summer, there’s an intersection where you can find people. I go there sometimes.

I’m not sure it’s be too different if I lived in Indianapolis. I’d still have to leave the house. I’d still have to find that intersection where people hang out. The nice thing about roads is that they all lead somewhere. You just have to keep going.