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If two fellows get in kind of a fight and they’re face-to-face and they think they’re going to punch one another out, if any one of them says, hey, I must take a lesson, let’s cut this out, most likely, they’ll back off and there’s no fight. And that was the way for a long, long time. However, when it came to fighting and you had weapons that were three- and four-foot long and staffs and so forth, why, you know, you better take down your opponent.

If there was any occasion that the fellow says, “Hey, I give up,” things stopped. When they developed a long bow, they weren’t face-to-face. And the long bow was able to reach out, and so you couldn’t see the face of your opponent, and if he wanted to give up, how could you tell. So, I mean that’s one result, a lot of people were killed. And during the wars, as things developed, the (?bow rifle?), American Revolution, Civil War, you couldn’t see the face of your opponent.

And hundreds and hundreds were slain, because whoever had the power couldn’t see the face of their opponent and they just slaughtered them. And as weaponry developed, more and more people can be and have been killed because of that one factor. And if you’re in an airplane several thousand feet up in the air, and you drop a bomb, you can’t see who in the heck you’re wiping away.

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