Introducing My Latest Endeavor: Cost Publishing

Cost Publishing Media Group, or Cost Pub for short, is a collection of personal blogs, informative web sites, and web directories. This extensive content network’s mission is to filter and codify information relative to each web site’s respective topic. All blogs, web sites, and directories are free to read and use and readers are encouraged to subscribe to RSS feeds and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Each site will eventually have its own Tumblr site, which is an up-and-coming social network you’ll be hearing about more in the future and ebooks, or digitions, are a natural next step for this market.

Cost Pub is dedicated to relevant, insightful writing that is kept fresh and up to date on a regular basis. We are proud of what Cost Pub has accomplished and where it is going as a platform and network. They only work with the most talented writers so if you know of anyone who may be interested in joining their team, let the editor at Cost Publishing Media Group know by sending in a note at their contact page on their web site. Guest blogging opportunities are also available both at one of Cost Pub’s web sites or blogs and by our writers on your web site or blog. We look forward to seeing what Cost Pub can do and enjoy reading daily.