• Books are the New Business Cards

    Denis Papathanasiou’s “A practical guide to selling ebooks online” on Hacker news, which reminded me about a report I compiled, but never published online. You may remember me running a local marketing meetup in Indianapolis. The content was posted on the board there, but since I stepped down, that meetup has since disbanded and the […]

  • Publishing History

    As you may have read in my bio, not only do I write this blog and build web sites, I do affiliate marketing through Cost Publishing, which publishes over 100 web sites covering topics ranging from technological gadgets to food to business products and services, but what I don’t often talk about is why I […]

  • Facebook Book Printing Companies Review and Analysis

    Back in June, Mashable wrote an article on 7 Facebook book printing companies. As Christmas is now approaching I remembered that article and wondered if any of the companies let you print other people’s Facebook walls. Not everyone wants a book about themselves for themself, but if someone else gives it to them – hey, […]