Two Types of Clients

In the 10 months since I went full-time running Erich Stauffer I have taken clients from a dysfunctional, disparate web presence to having a cohesive web platform that they can use to self-market their own business in a responsive manner. I’ve converted clients to WordPress, implemented Google Apps, and ensured their files were getting backed-up.

I had a client email me to tell me. “[We] are progressing with WordPress. Little steps but steps none the less. Although I was not always thrilled with the WordPress idea I do want to thank you again for leading me down this path. All things considered it is not everything I want…but, it has allowed [us] to make changes and updates from my desktop that were never possible before.”

All of this has led me to discover that the clients I have now are not the same clients I had 10 months ago. They are not the same clients without a website, a social marketing strategy, or an email newsletter. They are clients with questions about how to use their new marketing platform to integrate into how they run their business. They are businesses who want to get more out of their initial marketing to see a return on that investment (ROI).

Integrated Marketing is Responsive Marketing

When you use your web platform to respond to marketing data to fulfill daily production goals, fill appointment slots, or push a particular product, you are practicing integrated marketing techniques. At Erich Stauffer, we can teach you how to have a responsive marketing strategy that is integrated with your business processes and procedures. We will train you or your staff to use your web marketing platform to work for you.

I still serve that first type of client who needs their first web page or their web site converted to WordPress for easier management. I still help people setup their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. I still help people setup or optimize their email marketing solutions, but now we also do more. We are technology consultants specializing in web technology and business analysis. I am Erich Stauffer.