Youtube Query String Arguments

These are the query string parameters (also called arguments) that get tagged at the end of a Youtube URL.

They are the ampersands (“&”) and text at the end of a web address (URL). In the case of Youtube, this string of of code is the query string parameters and it adds functionality to what is presented. This is a comprehensive guide of Youtube’s query string arguments.



&hl= hl stands for Host Language (thank you MapKi!) It is followed by “hl Parameter Values” which correspond to “Language/Locales” ex. en-US means English (United States and Canada).It also can stand for hoc loco, which is Latin for “in this place” or hl stands for “human language”, but not in this case.
&video_id= Youtube video ID – used in conjunction with &get_video? to embed a Youtube video into another application. Not supported by Youtubes terms of service and may no longer work.
&t= Youtube video tag – used in conjunction with Youtube video ID.
&fmt= &fmt=6 is good quality, &fmt=18 is better, and &fmt=22 is the best. Video must originally be in high definition (HD) to work. May not work regardless as this feature is in beta and not available for all videos.
&rel= Rel stands for related. In relation to youtube, rel=1 means show related feeds and rel=0 means don’t.
&fs= Allows the fullscreen button to show up or not. 1 means it will show up, 0 means it is disabled.
&start=225 Starts the video 225 seconds into the video.
&end=230 Stops the video 230 seconds into the video.

I recommend this extensive post on Youtube plugins and tools for more information and for advanced users, check out the Youtube Reference Guide.