• How to Use an External Microphone with an iPhone or iPad

    In order for an analog, external microphone to work with an iPhone or iPad, it must have 3 conductors (sometimes called a “3 conductor” or “3 pole plug”) or it must use an adapter to convert a 2-conductor plug to a 3-conductor plug. Affiliate links are below to buy adapters and mics from the video. […]

  • How to Edit Horizontal Video into Vertical Video in Adobe Premiere

    Step 1 – Create a New Sequence Choose “Arris Cinema” and then go to “Settings” and change the size to 1080 x 1920. Once the video has been added, in Effects, choose “Auto Reframe” to zoom and crop the video. Step 2 – Export the Video Choose H.264 and then make sure the checkbox next […]

  • YouTube Simulator

    I recently started making funny comedy skits on YouTube. In this video, I act like I’m playing a YouTube simulator game. In this interactive-fiction type game, I act like I’m playing a game on the computer, which is really my son, Kevin. Shirts from the video are available on Amazon.com here (affiliate links): Smash That […]