• YouTube Simulator

    I recently started making funny comedy skits on YouTube. In this video, I act like I’m playing a YouTube simulator game. In this interactive-fiction type game, I act like I’m playing a game on the computer, which is really my son, Kevin. Shirts from the video are available on Amazon.com here (affiliate links): Smash That […]

  • Video as a Marketing Tool

    Video is both one of the most powerful and underused tools in marketing, training, and communication. I think it would be wrong of any new endeavor in 2013 to not include video as an integral part of their marketing strategy. This is how I am going to include it this year: Work to create an […]

  • Introducing a Brand New Way to Market Your Business

    Grow Your Business Organically A lot of SEO companies market how they will promote your business online using Internet marketing and online advertising techniques, but Erich Stauffer noticed a gap between where promotion stops and business begins and so we used social media management to not just promote your business, but grow your business. Digital Marketing […]