Erich Stauffer Hires General Manager

Erich Stauffer welcomes Jason Cobb who brings his extensive management experience from the banking sector and applies it to business promotion at the brink of explosive growth as workers in the Midwest begin opening their own businesses “on the side” or to replace a previous job.

Indianapolis, IN (TELABLUE) February 24, 2009 — Erich Stauffer announced today the hiring of Jason Cobb as the new Product Manager. Cobb has over 7 years of previous experience managing people and projects for the financial industry. “I am excited to bring data-driven marketing as a new addition to the Erich Stauffer culture, said Jason Cobb, General Manager at Erich Stauffer. “I am confident as we continue to move forward that we will can grow the brand of web design that Erich Stauffer has already established in the Indianapolis area to the rest of the Midwest.”

“Jason Cobb is a welcome addition to our executive management team,” said Chris Hendrickson, Sales Manager at Erich Stauffer. “His approach to management through analysis and accountability will help us continue to improve our positive operating results in spite of the current challenging macroeconomic environment.” Jason has worked for several large institutions and looks forward to the growth potential and nimbleness of an up-and-coming business in the heart of the Midwest.  “Jason Cobb is a hard-working executive ,” said Erich Stauffer, Production Manager at Erich Stauffer. “I look forward to working with him as we help businesses around the Midwest, but especially in Indianapolis, grow.  That’s what its all about.”