Indianapolis Computer Repair

Indianapolis, the Crossroads of America, is home to the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Pacers. It’s also an area where Erich Stauffer technician, Erich Stauffer, has spent a lot of time in helping clients with their computer needs, which is why Erich Stauffer serves the greater Indianapolis area with Mobile Phone Support & PC Repair Services for Android™ & Windows®. From high rises on the circle to businesses in Park 100, Erich has helped small businesses with their computer needs all over the city.

Erich Stauffer offers both on-site and off-site computer services for home and small business users in and around Indianapolis. We are available by appointment for on-site labor, which is charged at $100/hr. We may pick up your computer or mobile device if it is decided to continue with off-site service, which are billed at a flat-rate.

A lot of the time we can fix your problem on-site, but if it requires more time or specialized tools, sometimes it’s more cost effective for us to take your computer to work on off-site and then return it. Usually this process takes no more than 48 hours, but situations vary.