Google – YouTube Integration Frustration

Is it just me or is the new login process for YouTube FREAKING ANNOYING everyone else?  If you had an account before (which most people did) and now want to login with your Google Account, you have to login with your Google Account, then link them.  Okay, this sounds simple, and most of the things Googld does work well, but this is not one of them.  How many people out there have multiple Google Acccounts and multiple YouTube accounts.  I have no idea which YouTube account is associated with what Google Account and if the password has changed for the original YouTube account or if the email address associated with the original YouTube account is now changed to my Google Account's email address.  On top of that, once you combine accounts or use your Google Account to login, its actually another step.  WHY NOT JUST MAKE THE LOGIN BE THE FREAKING EMAIL ADDRESS LIKE EVERY OTHER SITE.  This is Google we are talking about here.  RUN A FREAKING BATCH SCRIPT AND ADD ALL THE GOOGLE EMAIL ACCOUNTS INTO YOUTUBE AUTOMATICALLY.  Don't make us jump through hoops just because you're facing a computer science nightmare scenario.  Nobody asked you to buy YouTube.  We were using our Google Accounts and YouTube accounts just fine separately.  If you can get it to work, fine; ELSE: STOP WASTING MY FREAKING TIME GOOGLE!