• My SEO Strategy

    Occasionally I get questions from clients and post my answers publicly here. This simple question, “What are your ideas for SEO,” prompted me to write this blog post so I could help other people in addition to my client. What is SEO? While the letters are an abbreviation for “search engine optimization”, there are many […]

  • SEO Metric: Time to First Conversion

    This is a SEO case study on “Time to First Conversion”, which involves tracking how long it takes to reach the first conversion after the SEO campaign begins. In this case study, the conversion was tracked as a email web form submission to a website. In Google Analytics, this might be setup as a goal, […]

  • Top Posts and Keywords for December 2012

    In this 714th post, I discuss my top content, keywords, and income for this website. Ecclesiastes 3:5 says that there is, “A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones. A time to embrace and a time to turn away (NLT).” Since 2007 I have been purchasing domains for speculation or use, but […]