SEO Metric: Time to First Conversion

This is a SEO case study on “Time to First Conversion”, which involves tracking how long it takes to reach the first conversion after the SEO campaign begins. In this case study, the conversion was tracked as a email web form submission to a website. In Google Analytics, this might be setup as a goal, but in this case, it was tracked by the actual email message.

Handyman Escondido

Handyman Escondido was launched on May 9, 2013 and by July 22 had its first web conversion. 3 days later on July 25 it had it’s second conversion. It took 2 months and 13 days to get the first conversion.

SEO firms can’t promise or guarantee Google rankings, but they typically state that results will come in approximately 3 months. In this case, it was true, but here’s the thing: only on-page SEO was done to this site. There was no inbound marketing, no backlinks, no blog posts, no social media marketing, no Google Adwords.

And how many pages do you think this site has? 1. This site has one page, it’s home page. It reads like a Dan Kennedy sales letter without the testimonials, but hey, the information is all there. This site got 2 conversions in 3 months from it’s domain name and on-page SEO alone.

It currently ranks #6 for the keyword term “handyman escondido” and #16 for “escondido handyman”. However, the handyman is not located in Escondido, California. He’s located in North County San Diego, California. So how does he rank for “North County San Diego, California Handyman”? #21. How’s that for no off-page SEO?