• Uptown Funk: The Musical

    Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars (definitely the first song): Father is a pimp at the top of his game, walking through uptown to great fanfare Love You by The Free Design: A baby is sang to by family over time, 10 years pass over the course of the song One Man Can Change The […]

  • We Found an Abandoned Pipe Organ in an Old Church! Does it Work?

    My kids’s mom was remodeling an old church into apartments and found an old pipe organ, but does it work?

  • Freestyle – A Country Musical

    Freestyle – A Country Musical

    This jukebox musical is on Spotify. I’ve weaved a story out of the following country songs. It’s something I do for fun. Previously I’ve done it with pop/rock songs, but this is my my first attempt at country (by request). Listen to Freestyle on Spotify [Act I] 1. Freestyle by Lady Antebellum – Thursday night, […]