• Pixar’s Soul – Themes and Reflections

    Rather than be specific, which I couldn’t be without re-watching the movie and taking notes, I’ll give you a summary of what happened and make comments along the way. The main character is a part-time band teacher in a middle school. The movie opens with him getting promoted to full-time work. He immediately feels let […]

  • Review of All You Need is Kill

    I was 13 years old in 1993 when Groundhog Day was released in theaters. 5 years later, I started writing a looping screenplay of my own called “Breeze Way”. In 2009, Hiroshi Sakurazaka published All You Need is Kill, a looping war action drama, which was released as Edge of Tomorrow in 2014. I was […]

  • Predestination Explained: a Timeline without Paradoxes

    The following timelines show how the timeline we saw in the movie, Predestination, was not the original timeline, but one edited by Robertson. These are just my ideas: Option 1 Time travel was invented in 1981 and Robertson is tasked with creating the perfect temporal agent. Robertson researches medical textbooks and finds a case of […]