• Successful People Balance the Big-Picture with the Details

    One of the biggest challenges in life is balancing the “big picture” with the details. You have to have a macro and a micro view of your life at all times. In life as in film editing, when you’re working on some minor detail, you have to be thinking about how it fits into everything […]

  • How to Work a Life of Purpose

    What is my purpose in work? How can I find a career I love? I have been reading Hacker News for the last six months or so and a few days ago I stumbled upon a Jeff Haden piece called “Do What You Love? Screw That”. I admit, this title intrigued me. I had been […]

  • How to Successfully Manage People

    The purpose of How to Successfully Manage People by Jon Anshutz is to give you a better understanding of what it takes to effectively manage people. “How To Successfully Manage People” is a complete guide for managing. Anshutz goes out of his way to teach you the skills you will need to get the most out […]