Successful People Balance the Big-Picture with the Details

One of the biggest challenges in life is balancing the “big picture” with the details. You have to have a macro and a micro view of your life at all times.

In life as in film editing, when you’re working on some minor detail, you have to be thinking about how it fits into everything that has happened before and after.

Everyone intuitively understands that years are actually made up of days and days are made up of minutes, but those people who are able to take those minutes with the year in mind – those are the ones who are the most successful.

Jason Cobb said in his video, Your Ideal Day, “When you design that ideal day and you start living it out, you know what starts to happen? You start to have an ideal week. And then you start having a great month. And then you look back and you say, ‘Wow! Look at the year that we’ve had!’”

You have to be balancing that at all times and just try and keep perspective by going from micro to macro. The people who do that the best are the ones who are the most successful in life.